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OMERO: Data Management and more

OMERO is a client-server software for managing, visualizing and analyzing microscopy images and associated metadata. We use this software to upload data from the microscope computers to the server. You can benefit from OMERO’s functions or you can download your data through OMERO and process your data with another software program. We create a group account for every lab with your PI as group administrator and a personal account for every user within that group. You can easily collaborate within a group, you can share data, and collectively analyze data and create figures for publication.

OMERO is divided in different modules. You can use the OMERO.insight application to upload, view and download data from our microscope computers and any personal computer. You can use OMERO.web to view and work with image data via a web browser. OMERO.figure is accessed through OMERO.web and allows you to create, save and edit figures using data from the OMERO server. OMERO.figure is basically a combination of Illustrator and ImageJ and is very useful to quickly create a figure for a work discussion from raw data or a to create a figure ready for publication from processed data. You can also connect to the OMERO server with ImageJ using a plugin, thereby process your data located at the server (without downloading your data). We will introduce you to OMERO during your microscopy training. We have basic user guides available on our website, but we also highly recommend to further explore using the OMERO user help website and OMERO.figure tutorial videos.