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Microscope training

The training contains three imaging session. The first session, we will do most of the driving and we will hand over the stir as soon as you are comfortable. We will teach you the basics of the imaging modality you are using. In addition, we will create a personal account on the microscope computer for you, this includes tailoring the software layout to your needs. We will also find the best acquisition settings for your sample; you can further optimize these in the future. Finally, we will introduce you to OMERO, our data storage solution and figure making application.

The second session, we let you do most of the driving and walk away if you are comfortable. The third session, we expect you to be almost independent, but we are there when you need us. After this, we will promote you to a trained user. We charge a trainings fee for the first session only, the second and third session will be charged as regular microscope time.

Bring a sample you truly care about. This can be a sample you have already prepared and is still relevant for your current microscopy project. Or it can be a newly prepared sample, which we will have discussed in the introduction meeting. You should know your Active Directory details to log in onto our computers. If you are not from UC San Diego, we can create an Active Directory account for you.