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Satellite Microscopes

We host four advanced multi-functional imaging systems across campus: ACTRI AXR, CMM-East X1, PacHall AXR, PacHall W1 SoRa. Together, they offer the following imaging modalities: brightfield, differential interference contrast (DIC), point scanning confocal imaging, photo activation and stimulation, spinning disk confocal imaging, spectral imaging, Super Resolution - Image Scanning Microscopy (ISM). All our setups are operated by the Nikon imaging software: NIS-Elements. Every user has a personal account with their own settings. Nobody can mess with your settings and you don’t have to worry that you mess with someone else’s settings. In addition, we can create fully automated acquisition pipelines (JOBS) to further streamline your research.

We invite new users for an introduction meeting to learn about your research and your microscopy needs, contact us through the webform. Together, we determine the best imaging setup for your needs and discuss sample preparation and analysis strategies. Our imaging setups might look intimidating complex, but we will train you so that you’re comfortable acquiring your own data. Truly, they are not intimidating when you get to know them. Once you’re a trained user, you can book them through iLabs.


ACTRI AX R: Confocal


CMM-East X1

pachall axrPacHall AXR w1PacHall W1 SoRa