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Procedure for New Users

  1. Contact us for an introduction meeting, preferably including your PI. We want to learn about your research and your microscopy needs. Together, we determine which microscope fits your needs best and we can discuss sample preparation and analysis strategies.
  2. Create an iLab account. Look for the University of California at San Diego; then select the Nikon Imaging Center and proceed through the registration process. Let us know if you already have an iLab account and we can directly link your iLab account with our iLab group. We use iLab for the microscope and analysis workstation bookings.
  3. Complete the microscope training.
  4. We create an OMERO account for you for data handling. 
  5. We grant you access to our doors through the Medical Security department, our building and rooms are accessed through a UC San Diego School of Medicine badge.
  6. We grant you access to the iLab’s calendar for the microscope you are trained on and the analysis work stations.